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Help & Advice


Buyers FAQ's


Q. Are property prices negotiable?
A. Yes property prices are negotiable and every situation is different.
Q. What other costs are involved when purchasing a property?
A. Allow 9% on top of the purchase price. This includes title deed registration, notary costs, and all legal fees.
Q. How much deposit is required to secure a property?
A. 10% is usually required.
Q. Can I apply for a mortgage with a Spanish Bank in Lanzarote?
A. Yes – It is a fairly easy process and you will know whether you qualify quite quickly. Spanish banks will lend based on individual personal circumstances. We advise that they will loan 60 – 70% of the property value. You will be required to provide proof of income etc.
Q. Will I require an NIE number?
A. You will require an NIE number.
Q. How do I open a Spanish bank account?
A. We are happy to help you open a bank account. You will need a copy of your passport and proof of address.

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Sellers FAQ's


Q. How will I know I am asking the right price?
A. Valuing your home has never been an exact science – there are many things to consider. The location, style and size of the accommodation are usually the most important factors, together with the condition of the property and any improvements that may have been carried out. We research recent sales in the area and take account of current demand for your type of property.
Q. Will l still have to pay your fees if my property does not sell or I take it off the market?
A. You will only be liable to pay our fees if we introduce a buyer who exchanges contracts.
Q. Are there any additional marketing costs?
A. No – all marketing costs are included in the agents commission fee.
Q. Do I have to pay Capital Gains Tax on the property?
A. If you are selling a property that is your main home, you won’t have to pay tax on it as long as you satisfy certain conditions. However, if you are selling a property that is not your main home, it is likely you may have to pay Capital Gains Tax.
Q. If I give you a key to my home will you accompany buyers to view?
A. Yes, many owners prefer to leave keys with us for viewing appointments, and we will always notify the owner prior to any viewing and we always accompany potential purchasers. Keys are security coded and are never released without your prior authority to do so.
Q. Apart from initial advertising how else would you market my property?
A. We keep in regular contact with the potential buyers by e-mail and telephone, ensuring viewings are arranged of properties fitting their criteria.

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